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Most.  Coordinated.  Guild.  Ever.

Read the speech bubbles.

Work Safe.

In other news, I'm doing better after losing Spud.  I wanted to post some pictures but looking at them made me cry.  Yeah, I'm emotional like that.


Nov. 18th, 2010 07:42 am
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Over the last few days, my cat Spud stopped eating and began to lose weight.  At first, I thought that perhaps he had a hairball and treated him for that.  Tuesday night, he tried to come when I called him but suddenly stopped, howled in intense pain and urinated on himself.  No vets were open at that hour so we had to wait to talk to one.  Yesterday, we rushed him to the vet after another episode of what seemed to be intense pain. 

After checking his vitals and doing some blood work, the Vet told us that Spud's kidneys were failing and his body temperature was very low.  We had the option of giving him a transfusion and a whole bunch of procedures that would frighten him and put him in more pain.  We were told that if we did this, he would only have a 20% chance of surviving.  I chose not to let my kitty suffer. 

The vet said that he could have had something wrong with him for a very long time before he showed any symptoms.  He was his normal self last week.  I still can't believe that's he's gone.  He wasn't there to wake me up this morning and it hurts.  We're giving extra love and scritches to our remaining child cat Squee.  I think he's starting to notice that he's the only cat in the house.

I miss him so much.


Oct. 17th, 2010 05:33 pm
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Blizzard just released this! 

I *liked* that statue at the mouth of Booty Bay.  *sadface*  It's a cool intro although Chris Metzen doesn't need to voice everything.
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And who know the horrors of pugs.

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I had a week off from work in which I did nothing but be happy that I wasn't in purgatory at work.  Apparently, from the stories that I've heard from shell shocked employees, I picked a good week not to be there.  There is no such thing as a "good" week at work anymore but I've been assured by many people including the store manager, that this one was in a class of suck by itself.  Hooray for dodging bullets!

I was proud of Squeeboss* for actually remembering that I was on vacation.  The last vacation that I took, I received 8 e-mails from him assigning me different tasks as well as various requests to come find him to talk.  This was after I told him repeatedly that I was on vacation and after I sent him a reminder via e-mail before I left.  Squeeboss is silly.  This time around, the only e-mails I got from him were duplicates of e-mails that other people sent me during the week.  I swear, you can't be a member of management unless you fail at reading e-mail headers.  I routinely recieve 2-3 copies of every e-mail sent to me and at least one additional copy will be printed out by someone else and handed to me.

My cat Squee, not to be confused with Squeeboss, is punishing me for returning to work.  He's ignoring me.  I know this by the way he keeps looking over his shoulder to make sure that I notice that he's ignoring me.  I told him that I had to go out and hunt the Kibble** but he doesn't care.  Spud only cares long enough to be certain that I feed him and then goes off and ignores me.  However he does this every day whether or not I stay home so the Spud unit is operating normally.

It's going to take at least a week to sort of catch up on all the things that didn't get done while I was gone.  Still, it was nice to get away for a while.  Have I mentioned that I really hate my job?

Oh, and I'm really hoping that no one has tried to call in the last few days.  Yesterday, Frank noticed that our phone was sitting there dead.  It might explain why we recieved no calls over the past few days.  I'm thinking that the phone's battery needs replaced.

Also, I had a really hard time going to sleep last night and am currently running on 2 hours of sleep.  Somehow, I believe that this has a bearing on today's post.

*I refer to my supervisor as Squeeboss becuase, in many ways, he's like my cat Squee.  He is easily distracted, confused and has the memory retention of a piece of lint.  Also like Squee, he gives you a blank-eyed stare everytime you try to hold a conversation with him.  He doesn't have any of Squee's good points though and I have no desire whatsoever to rub his tummy and give him treats.  Also, he is somewhat of a pompous ass.  I am deathly afraid that one day at work, I will slip and refer to my supervisor as Squeeboss out loud.  I really wouldn't care to explain to him why.

**I once read somewhere that when you leave for work, your pet cat assumes that you've gone off to hunt food for them.  I have no idea how the author of that article can substantiate their claim.  If you polled 100 cats and asked them what they thought their humans were doing when they left for the day, 34 would ignore you, 27 would playfully try to shred your pant leg, 18 would tell you to go f*ck yourself, 12 would cough up a hairball on your shoe and 9 would sit in the middle of the floor and lick their crotches.

However, if the above assumption were correct, it would somewhat explain the god complex that a cat typically has.  It would be easy for a cat to assume that they are so amazingly awesome that they don't have to lift a paw to contribute anything useful about the house; their human peons do it all.  Also, the thought of my cats believing that I hunt and kill every little piece of kibble that they eat amuses me.  Therefore, when I come home from work, I often tell my cats that I am back from hunting their kibble.
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I thought that I had cross-posted my previous post successfully to lj but hours later, it has yet to show up. This post is a test.

Oh, and I have invites for those who want them.
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I made this dw account a while back but I held off on using it. I guess I'd been clinging to the hope that Live journal would clean up their act. However, using lj's site just leaves me more irritated each time I use it. In a way, it's sad to leave. I mean, I've posted about things like my wedding.

I'm hoping that dw looks at lj and uses it as an example of how not to run a blogging site.

If you need any invite codes, I have them. For those who choose to stay on lj, I'll still be reading your entries.
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I was in a semi-pug 25 player Trial of the Champion when one of the healers declared that they and a dps needed to go as there where tornado sirens going off close by.  The raid leader jokingly asked if they lived in a trailer park and was promptly told that no, they lived in a MODULAR HOME.  The healer seemed a bit offended at the implication that they were Rednecks.  The raid leader told them to go and be safe.

Then, the other person drawls over vent "I been hit by lightining four times little bit of wind ain't gunna hurt me none."

Yeah, it kind of halted all conversation for a moment.
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What the hell?  This is not a "real" question.  This is data farming from Sprint.
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Do Not Want!
Originally uploaded by The Puckster.

There's a lol cat caption in here somewhere but I can't come up one that's any good. This was taken back in January when I wondered what the cats would make of Snow. Squee refused to come out but I managed to grab Spud. Spud most emphatically does not like snow.

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The First Snowman of Spring
Originally uploaded by The Puckster.

You may recall that on the first day of Spring, I commented on the snow that fell. Here is the official First Snowman of Spring that I made that day.

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Squeekybobo the Noble
Originally uploaded by The Puckster.

What Squeekybobo wants, Squeekybobo gets. Even if she has to head deep into an enemy city to get it. She now has her Noble title at level 48!

Hey Buzzy

Apr. 6th, 2010 10:09 pm
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I realize that you're not at the epicenter and that you guys are old pros at experiencingearthquakes, but I'm just making sure the quakes did nothing more than piss off the cats.


Apr. 4th, 2010 07:09 pm
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So after four years of playing WoW, my account got hacked.  I went to log on yesterday and I got prompted for an authenticator code.  While Frank and I have discussed getting authenticators for our accounts, we have yet to buy them.  I spent half an hour trying to get through to Blizzard and another 50 minutes on hold before I could talk to a rep to tell them I was hacked.  After verifying my account information and correctly answering my security question, the rep told me that "Someone had been doing things they shouldn't" to my account.

She removed the hacker's authenticator and reset my password.  Frank ran several different scans on the computer and came up with nothing.  Neither of buy gold, go to phishing sites and the only add-ons that I run are Deadly Boss Mods, Recount and Atlas Loot.  After talking to other guild members who have also been recently hacked, we think we know how the hackers got my account information.  I had recently signed up on the guild's web site.  Sign up requires your email and a password.  While I didn't use the exact password that I used on my WoW account, it was close enough that my WoW password could have been guessed.  The people who host the website are going to look into it.  I've learned a hard lesson about internet passwords.

After running scans on the computer, it was time to log on and see how bad the damage was.  Some of the things that the hacker did were bizarre.  My reactions ranged from "Oh my God! Nooooo!" to "lol Why the hell would they do that?"  My warlock on Kirin Tor was unaffected.  My level 80 Druid still had all her gear but my bank full of leather and over 3,000 gold was gone. 

My level 80 warrior whom I use to raid with showed that most of her gear was unequiped on the character screen.  I said a few choice words as I logged her in.  I found all of her fury gear in my bags but 75% of my tanking gear was gone.  Am I really that bad of a tank?  All of my ore and money was gone as well.  Here's where it gets wierd.  The hacker left sone items that they could have gotten decent money for and sold things that were worth next to nothing.  I mean really now, my food?  The hacker also used my toons to take things out of the guild bank but nothing of any value was taken.  There was much scratching of heads by the guild officers over this. 

I logged on my level 37 hunter next and discovered my titanium bars and all of my warrior's Frozen Orbs in her bags.  I also found two of the tiems that were taken from the guild bank.  All of the hunter's gear was intact except her nearly worthless chest piece was gone.  That was another thing I went "wtf" over.  Also gone were all of my badges and honor points.  That pissed me off more than a little.  Yet my bank toon and the private guild bank that my husband and I share was totally untouched.  There were at least 2k in ore, gems and enchanting materials in there.   

 I opened a ticket to petition a GM and got an automated response that someone would look into seeing if they could recover what was stolen.  I was hoping for at least my tank gear back.  Everyone that I've talked to that had their account hacked said that Blizz never returns lost gold and any armor returned won't have any of it's gems or enchants on it.  The response that I got said that the whole process would take 2-3 days.

Within 2 hours, I got an email saying that my lost items had been restored.  There was also a detailed list of everything that got returned.  I got everything back including my gold, badges and honor points!  And my gear still had it's gems and enchants on it!  I also got something extra.  When you (presumably the legitimate owner of an account) purchase an authenticator, you get a free Corehound pup pet in your in-game mail.  Blizz didn't delete that so now I have a new pet.

I'm relieved to get everything back.  Much of what was lost was earned through months of effort.  Still, what should have been a relaxing day ended up being stressful and I'm still kind of angry over the whole thing.  I keep telling myself that it's just a game and I wasn't robbed of anything in real life, but still, I'm annoyed.

tl;dr My WoW account got hacked but I got everything back and an extra pet.
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Things I have done today:

*Slept in.

*Made awesome omlettes for brunch.

*Made the First Snowman of Spring.

*Won a trinket on my Gnome Warrior that I'd been trying to get for weeks.

*Scream when I realized that I sold said trinket by mistake.

*Made a corned beef brisket.
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Today's forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and a high of 70 F.  Tomorrow is the first day of spring and there is an 80% chance to snow.  That's just not right.