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I don't know if anyone will believe this but my town is crawling with zombies.  There was an odd lack of traffic when I left for work this morning but I thought that it was due to all the storms we've been having the last few days.   The first couple of hours at work were very quiet.  There was almost nobody in the store.  Sometime around 10AM, the zombies started pouring into Wal-Mart.  It took me quite some time to notice the difference between the walking undead and the normal, living crowd that usually congests the aisles.  A terrified co-worker was the one who actually pointed out the trouble we were in.  She fled the place in hysterics.  I hope she's ok.

I't was a serendipitous discovery when I realized that zombies really hate cheap cologne.  So, I raided the perfume case and made it home in a haze of eye watering scent.  Thankfully, Frank was safe.  In fact, he had no clue anything out of the ordinary had happened.  It took quite a bit of convincing to get him to believe me.  So now I'm locked in the house with Frank and the cats and we're not sure what to do next.  I was going to do my grocery shopping today.  I should have picked up some supplies but I sort of panicked and fled straight for home.  I don't know how long we can hold out.

Is anyone on my friend's list out there?  Is my town the site of an isolated disaster or are the living dead walking all over the earth?  Somebody please believe me. 


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