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Today at work, my trainer had me use the tilt-a-whirl forklift to unload a truck all by myself. It was amazing just how much longer and narrower that trailer got as I drove into it. Still, I managed not to drop anything or punch a hole in the trailer with my forks. I'm fairly certain that this is a good thing. I did manage to briefly get the wheel caught between the dock and the ramp into the trailer. I'm still not sure how I managed that. I got myself free on sheer adrenaline and liberal use of non-Walmart approved words. Luckily, no one noticed my little mishap or non-approved language.

I did make one unloader nervous with my unsure driving. I kept trying to give him a wide berth but he still didn't like the looks of my driving. Despite the frequent use of my horn, he told me that he was never sure which direction I was going to turn. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have responded with "Well neither do I". I tend to become a little too honest when I get nervous.

I found myself thinking of my day in Kingdom of Loathing terms (perhaps I play too much?). I kept thinking things like You make short work of stacking a pallet of ground beef by hand. It's quite a workout and you really should have remembered to put your gloves on. You gain 4 Beefiness.

You drag a pallet to it's intended destination. It shows its’ gratitude by giving you a splinter. You lose 2 HP.

While driving down the dock, you get bored and try to send messages by Morris code with your pallet jack's horn. A supervisor complements you on your safe and alert driving practices. You gain 7 Smarm

Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have the thought process of a normal person. I bet it would be boring as hell.

And while I'm thinking, I need to find or make a new icon for work-related posts like these.
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Will someone please tell me how is it that I do not know how to drive a car but I now have a license to drive a piece of equipment that weighs as much as one? I now have a license in this piece of equipment:

Cut to spare those of you with dialup. )


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