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[Poll #1094918]Back in the day, livejournal was by invitation only and invites weren't easy to get.  When I got my invite and created this account, I wanted to name it goddess_of_impertinence.  It was in memory of an old joke.  However, I couldn't find a character limit posted anywhere on the site so I thought that I'd submit my desired username and see if the name would be accepted.  I figured that if I went over the character limit, livejournal would tell me and ask me to pick another name.  Instead, I found out that my name was too long by nine characters when Livejournal accepted my name in a cut off form with no way to alter it.  Since invites were so difficult to get, deleting the account and starting over wa out of the question.  As time passed, lj opened up their membership but I'd had my journal too long to delete it.  Now that there is the means to change my username, I feel that it's time to do so.  I've narrowed it down to the following choices:

lackofhitpoints: This name appeals to the gamer nerd in me.  It's the cranky, sarcastic answer to the question "How did you die?"

greeneyedwren: Every variation of wren and Jenny Wren that I can think of has been taken.  Bah.  Humbug.

fluffy_cloud: Those of you who know me from alt.devilbunnies will know where this name is taken from.

fourty_two:  Would you believe that this name is avaliable?

Honestly, right now lackofhitpoints and fourty_two are the top two contenders.
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[Poll #1034067][Poll #1034067]I came home from work today and found that once again, I have internets.  WOOT!  Now all I have to do is catch up on a few weeks worth of posts.  

So, um... What's new with y'all?
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I may or may not be having a birthday in a few days in which I may or may not be turning 30. What do you all think?

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