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Step Two: Bang head.


I know that I haven't posted in a while but honestly, I haven't had very much to say.  I wish that this was a nicer post about happy things but I need to bitch and vent.

First off, my Grandmother has been sick and has been for some time.  She is getting the best of care from my aunt while we await test results.  So far, the Doctors haven't given us any dire news, but it's hard not to fret and worry.  I'm not certain how comfortable family members would be if I shared the details online so I won't elaborate further.  Instead, I'll move onto things that won't matter in the future but want to make me bitch and rant today.

I had a long, crappy week at work.  To get myself through the this, the most hectic and worst day of my week, I comforted myself with the fact that today is Friday.  I would be able to relax and sleep in.  Then, I am informed that I will be coming in to work tomorrow because the overnight crew are incompetent and can hardly do their job on a good night and that seeing as how tonight will not be one of those good nights, I will need to do their job for them.  Granted, the bearer of this good news didn't phrase it that way but then again, we both knew that he didn't need to.

Then, an hour until I was due to get off work, my nice but dumb boss called me into the office to dump a large project on me with the instructions to have it done before I left for the day as the resulting report needed to be turned into the Home Office.  Honestly, it had been such a lousy, stressful day that I wanted to run into the bathroom and cry.  Instead, I simply managed to say "okay" and start the project.  A few minutes later, Bigger Boss came up to me apologizing profusely saying that he had give my boss that project last *Saturday* for her to give to me.  He wasn't aware that she never gave me the project until that very last minute.  I had to bite off several non-company approved words.

I'm sorry that this isn't a better post but, damn, sometimes a person just needs to rant.


I just got an email with entitled: ThinkGeek wants to give you some monkeys. 

This makes me feel a bit better.


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