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I don't like missing so much work but that extra foot of snow that was dumped on me tells me to stay home.  Ugh.  It is cold and Squee is hogging the blankets.  Once he gets settled in, he makes an amazing back warmer.  However, the damn cat feels that he must stomp on my head, steal my pillow and use my face as his own personal nose warmer before settling down. 

One thing that I'm tired of is people inquiring if it is "cold enough for me."  Social niceties dictate that I don't reply with "Why no, it isn't cold enough for me yet.  I still have some feeling in my fingers and my toes aren't quite frostbitten yet."  Sometimes, I wish I could get away with being more sarcastic to total strangers.

Last night, I was playing WoW (and isn't it amazing how your avatar can run lightly over snowy landscapes while loaded down with plate armor) and I mentioned in guild chat that I thought people who asked if it was cold enough ought to be stabbed with an icicle.  A guild debate followed where we discussed the merits of having a murder weapon that melted and weather or not we had already seen it on Columbo.

About half an hour after our discussion, a local friend who is also in my guild, called.  The first words out of his mouth after I said hello was "Cold enough for you?"

Does anyone who plays WoW know of an in game icicle that I can equip so I can stab my friend?
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Sometimes, there are serious drawbacks to having an apartment over a garage with wood floors.  We have the main heater and a space heater in the bedroom and it's still a bit chilly today.  We aren't exactly freezing but it's a good day to wear a sweater.  Last night, it got cold enough for Squee to crawl under the blankets with me.  Squee *never* does that.  I let him crawl under the comforter and settle in.  Fair enough: it was a bit chilly and he hates it when his nose and ears are cold.  Then, he farted.  The little bastard.  I swear I heard him snicker as he ran out of the bedroom.
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My carpool ride called.  She can't dig her car out from under the snow.  I guess I get to spend another day trying to use the cat as a foot warmer.  You know, I've had a few people try and tell me not to try to walk to work in this weather.  As if I've lost all sense of reason and self-preservation to trek three miles through deep snow and sub-zero temperatures.  Yes, yes, I realize that people are trying to look out for me but give me some credit.
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I was lucky this winter in that most of the bad weather had missed the region in which I live.  Now I'm stuck inside while mass amounts of snow blows outside my window.  Hopefully, I can make it to work tomorrow.

Frank and I were wondering if we called up local pizza places and requested a delivery how long it would take to get hung up on. 

Also, tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  Does anyone else thing that the Groundhog won't even bother to leave his den?


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