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Well the wedding is over and I’ve come out of my daze to realize that I’m very happy.

On Friday I got surprised at work with a mini bridal shower. There was an enormous cake as well as a card signed by everyone I work with. They all pitched in and gave me a lovely silver, marcasite and garnet drop necklace with matching earrings. They also gave Frank and I a silver plated box that we plan to engrave with the wedding date and put all our wedding keepsakes in. We were eating cake at the jewelry counter and hoping that management didn’t notice if. And if they did, we were hoping that they could be bribed with butter cream frosting. The cake was mine to take home but I was urging people to take some with them as I still had the better part of a birthday cake at home. Ending up taking home a large portion of the stuff and Frank and I ended up following Marie Antoinette’s bad advice.

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Oct. 31st, 2005 09:01 pm
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Well I wanted to post all the wedding stuff while it was fresh in my mind but my brain is currently all melty-like. I will post in-depth wedding stuff tomorrow when it doesn't require tons of careful thought to type a complete sentence. I will say that I love my new husband dearly. Also to those of you who sent congratulatory messages via text, I got them but my phone sucks. I can receive but not send anything. Oh and cats really hate it when you wear giant mouse ears.


Oct. 31st, 2005 11:02 am
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Will post more later.
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I've been bad. I should have updated a couple of days ago. I had a very nice 29th birthday. It was quiet and I didn't have to work (always a plus). wen't out to dinner with Buzzy's author and had a nice cake. Got to say hello to poor Feloni. She did look lovely in her wedding dress and blue garter around her ear. We let her cut the cake and she seemed to enjoy the honor. Actualy, we had a hard time getting the knife away from her.

There was also a package waiting for F. and I from Feloni's author as well as a very sweet card (with luck inside). The package turned out to be a very nifty PS2 game called We love Katamari. It is definatly a bunny-created game. Weird but a blast to play.

I can't believe that tomorrow is the big day. I also can't believe just how slowly today is creeping by. I've tried to pass the time by a bout of house cleaning and wondering which left little black paw prints all over the kitchen floor. I have no clue what he could have gotten on his feet.

I just hope that I can get to sleep tonight.
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Today my mom took me out for lunch and a bit of shopping for the wedding. As a birthday/wedding gift, mom took me out to find shoes to go with my wedding dress. All I needed was some simple, white, flat-heeled shoes. Simple right? Wrong! My poor mother and I trekked all over the mall to find them. I have never dealt well with high heals and I just had a horrible feeling that with wedding jitters and all I would end up tripping or just stumbling over my own feet. Discovered a shop quite by accident that had the perfect pair on sale and everything. Also picked out something to wear later that night.

So, now I have...

Something old,

Years ago my aunt gave an antique cameo ring to my mother and I to share. I currently have custody of the ring.

Something new,

My shoes!

Something borrowed,

Actually I have two borrowed things. The first being a pair of mother of pearl earrings that I asked to borrow from my mom. The second thing is a gold coin that belong to someone very dear to us who passed away. He collected coins and used to wear it around his neck. Mom gave it to me and said that it might be nice to wear it and remember him. Cue me tearing up.

Something blue,

I got little sparkly hair jewels that are a very pale blue so they won't clash with everything.

So all I need to do is pick up a pair of panty hose and I'm all set!

I also got told that as a wedding gift to the both of us, my parents made reservations for us at the Blue Bayou. If any of you have been to Disneyland, it's that restaurant that's inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I certainly did not expect any of this and I'm quite overcome.
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I had forgotten that I had a white lace dress hanging in the very back of my closet. I haven't worn it in years to be honest but it will work quite nicely as a wedding dress. Need to make a few minor alterations such as getting rid of the shoulder pads. Also need to see if I can find an el cheapo pair of white shoes since my cat was kind enough to throw up on the last pair that I had.


Oct. 10th, 2005 10:10 pm
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Ok now that our parental units have been told, I can tell the rest of you guys my big news.

On Monday October 31, 2005, three years and a day since he proposed, Frank and I are getting married! I guess you could call it eloping if you can consider inviting your parents eloping. :) We’re going to run down to the courthouse in the morning to tie the knot. In the afternoon we’re going to finally use the Disneyland tickets that we got for Christmas.

We still plan to have a “real” wedding in the future as funds allow but I’m still excited and happy. We’ve been together for four years and it’s time.

And I guess it was inevitable, upon hearing the news Frank’s family wanted to know if I was pregnant. Lol we figured there would be at least one person who would ask us that


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